Hair and Heels

Hair And Heels

What’s Hot…..What’s Not Everything Girly and then Some. From Sexy Panties to the Cucky Subby Hubby Mistresses Ivy and Alexandria will keep you UPDATED and OBLITERATED with their kinky X-rated chat. And because Mistresses also do other FUN things besides being “MISTRESSRY”…… enjoy their added segments of   The Household Hunnies,  where you will get helpful hints, tips and real life kitchen experiences from the Little Goddess Ivy and the Quintessential MILF Alexandria.

Join them on Talkshoe every Thursday at 8pm EST for HAIR and HEELS. Also, feel free to join in the fun and call us at 888-600-2826 DURING the show Click on the link to get access to HAIR and HEELSand be sure to check out, listen to and download past episodes at the blog