As you all know I love to laugh and Empress Tabetha really made me laugh.  This hot blonde bombshell and former webcam performer is such a great addition to the phone sex lineup here at LDW/Enchantrix.  She is kinky and she is personable.  Just listen to the list of her favorite things and you know you will want to talk to her.  I’ll give you a hint: it involves a vibrator, chocolate and sexy high heels.  Empress Tabetha enjoys all her calls and callers.  She may ask you what your sign is since she has quite a penchant for astronomy.

Get to know this sexy blonde and join her for her new talkshoe show, “Tabetha’s Tight End Talk” which will replace Empress Claire’s NFL Wrap Up on Tuesday evenings at 9PM.  So, be sure to stop in and say hello during her show!