We had so much fun with Mistress Gemma Tuesday night. We learned that Mistress Gemma not only rides a trike, (as in a three wheeled motorcycle) but, she built it herself! Also, Mistress Gemma has a grease gun but we weren’t real sure if she was talking about a sex toy or something she keeps in her garage. Either way, she was a blast to talk with. We found out that Ms Gemma is a sensuous mistress but she also has an evil streak and, more importantly, a great sense of humor. Mistress Gemma and I share a love of belly dancing, also.

I can just see her sensual body slinking across the room to a primal beat, can’t you? Listen to the interview, you’ll find it very entertaining. Of course, you can always call Ms Gemma any time for your own phone sex session, can’t you?

Interview with Empress Gemma